Is a healthy food based website, created on 15th January 2018.
While we care more about our health and people around us we decided to share the same information with others too.
Firstly, we changed the way of feeding ourselves with the healthy food and drinks, after that we decided to search more about the healthy plants around us which we could easily grow and even produce for others,  which for sure we know nothing about the organic and healthy food until we accidentally found more information on the similar web pages. 
Healthyfoodbio.com was firstly created as a fan page on Facebook and after that we noticed that the audience grew up quickly,  we created this web page where you can find news about organic food, healthy organic herbs, information of what we should and shouldn’t eat, healthy recopies, vegan recipes, vegetarian recipes and everything about living long and healthy life.
Let’s live healthy, let’s eat organic food.
Thank you for being part of us.

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