Can nettles destroy cancer cells: Unbelievable Scientific Discovery

New Cancer Therapy – Can nettles destroy cancer?

Many of us are afraid of touching the nettle leaf but some scientists aren’t.
They’re working on a new cancer treatment in which case the main substance is the compound contained in the nettles.
From therapy called the JPC11 is expected to automatically destroy malignant cells.

This approach could reduce the unwanted effects of chemotherapy and medicines taken by patients with malignant disease.

Researches are mainly directed at curing ovarian cancer.

Experts point out that therapies affect just that certain doses of  natural sodium , discovered in nettle, destroys the malignant cells.

This therapy has not been yet fully explored, but scientists believe that they are on the right way.

Most of them even consider that this form of therapy is also used as a preventative way of cancerous diseases, but in that case the therapy will not destroy healthy cells.

In folk medicine the nettle is known as the queen of herbs because of its positive effects on curing some diseases. The healing properties offer leaves, flowers, roots, seeds.

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