Why Vegan?

What are the main reasons that make people join Veganism?

Why a Vegan?

Below you can find the main reasons to join the Vegan family too.

For the animals

Preventing the exploitation of animals is not the main reason for becoming vegan, but for many, it is the key factor in their decision.

Having emotional attachments with animals may form part of that reason and many others believe that all animals have a right to life. Specifics aside, avoiding animal products is the best ways you can take a stand against animal cruelty and exploitation everywhere. A more detailed overview of why being vegan demonstrates true compassion for animals can be found here.

For your health

The number of people grows every day who are turning to a vegan diet for the health benefits: increased energy, eternal youth, and younger looking skin are just some of the claims from enthusiastic plant eaters. The plant-based diets are rich in protein, calcium, iron and other essential vitamins and minerals too. The plant-based sources of these nutrients tend to be low in saturated fat, high in fiber and packed with antioxidants, helping mitigate some of the modern world’s biggest health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

The good news

The good news is there is something we can do about it. Every time we shop or order food in a restaurant or every time we eat, we can choose to help animals. Every time we make the switch from an animal product to a vegan we are standing up for farmed animals. Going vegan is easier than ever before,  with veganism becoming increasingly mainstream as more people are discovering the benefits of living the Vegan life.

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